Saturday, February 1, 2014

Mom Turns 90

Yesterday we celebrated my mother’s 90th birthday. We were all going to be in Bethlehem, PA for my daughter’s wedding on Sunday, and so we arrived a couple of days early to be together with Mom for her birthday. Here’s a picture of us at The Edge restaurant last night, where they treated us well and the food was very good. (I had the New Zealand lamb chops.)

Afterwards we gathered in Mom’s room for a petite birthday cake. My sister Judy got the cake, candles and, since none of us are smokers anymore, she subjected herself to being proofed to purchase lighters! Since Jude is well north of twenty-one, I don’t suspect the being proofed part bothered her much, but who knew lighters were contraband?

A quick shout-out to my other sister, Janice, who couldn’t be with us because of illness. We all hope you get over that durl-blasted nastiness right quick, hear?

Readers of this blog (and Facebook) know I promised to fess-up monthly on how I did on my two fitness goals for the year. Those goals were to lose and keep off twelve pounds and to exercise sufficiently to earn at least 250 Cooper Aerobic Points each month.

Since we are traveling, I have not had access to a scale, so the last recorded weight is from a few days ago, but in the scheme of a whole year a few days missed recording is not an issue. Getting and keeping weight off is the issue. In January, I lost almost half of my desired weight and I met my exercise goal.

On to February -- oh, and Mom's 91st year.

~ Jim

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