Saturday, November 1, 2014

Two months left for 2014 Goals

I am using the fear of ridicule as part of my motivation to realize two of my 2014 goals: weight loss and exercise. To make that fear real, I need to periodically publish my results. After a few rocky months, I appear to still be on target, but all will not be easy in the last two months. Here is what I have accomplished on the weight goal:

The original 2014 objective was to lose and keep off twelve pounds. When I lost fifteen pounds, I knew that if I gained three pounds back I would still meet the goal, but I would not feel good about it. As a result, I modified the objective to keep off the whole fifteen pounds through year's end. It's an important modification because my weight has followed a yo-yo trend over too many years, and on average I gained three pounds during the last three months of the year.

I figured that if I am going to permanently keep the weight off this time, I need to start by not gaining weight in October through December. The green line represents the revised goal and I have stayed underneath it.

And the exercise goal in a chart:

Even with a bridge tournament and bad weather I met October's exercise goal. November will take concentrated effort. We'll be up north for half the month and the roads will not be good for running. (As I write this it is 16 degrees, so the road is frozen and slick.) Then we'll take a week visiting friends along our way south to Georgia for winter. Those are the challenges. I expect to return next month with another red bar that reaches the green goal.

In thirty days we'll both know how I did.

~ Jim

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