Wednesday, October 21, 2015

2016 Guest Author Q & A slots now available

Back by popular demand: Guest Author Qs & As for 2016.

I think I have contacted everyone who specifically asked me about early 2016 slots, but it occurred to me I should let everyone who reads the blog know.

If you interested in participating in my guest author blogs, please check out the questions below to determine if you think answering them interests you and your readers. If so, send an email to (not my normal email address, please) and let me know of your tentative interest. I will then provide you information about what you and I can expect from each other. If that still sounds good, I'll sign you up for a date. (You can check open dates on the "Future Guest Blogs" page.)
2016 Edition

Required Questions

(1) Write a maximum 30-word intro for yourself and your writing. (I will probably add to it if we have a personal connection.)

(2) A piece of writing advice you think is worth sharing. I will use that as your final question and answer.

Choice Questions

Choose any four questions from column A and any four questions from column B. Answer in any order you choose to inform readers about you and your writing.

Column A

(A) You have an all-expense-paid long weekend to spend with three guests. The Starship Enterprise has agreed to beam you to the place of your choosing, so travel time is not a consideration. Who are your guests (and why) and where are you staying (and why)?

(B) What is the background noise when you write and why is it there?

(C) What is your most recent excellent read (book, short story or essay) and why.

(D) Are you a plotter, pantser or something in between and why?

(E) When you start reading a book do you always finish it? If not, what causes you to permanently put a book down?

(F) Name three not-well-known authors you would recommend and tell us what you like about their writing.

Column B

(A) Do you read reviews of your books? Why or why not?

(B) What do you do that you suspect causes your copyeditor to pull her/his hair out?

(C) When you compare your first draft to your final draft, do you net add words or subtract words? In general, what is it that you add or subtract between first and final draft?

(D) How did you develop the idea for your most recent work?

(E) What language error, when you hear or see it, grates on you like the screech of fingernails on a chalkboard?

(F) Name three writers from whom you have drawn inspiration and tell us why.

*** Don’t forget to provide your closing lines…To find more information about [author name] and their writing [do what]. ***

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